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24 Fit - Colts Review

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24 Fit - Colts Review

Andrew Thomson

Magpie Colts get reality check

The Magpie Colts had one of those days where you wonder who kicked the black cat or broke the mirror, as everything that could go wrong, did go wrong .

Up against the clear favourites for the colts title, the Magpie youngsters were super competitive up until the 15 minute mark of the second qtr, (colts finals 17 mins Qtrs) when just 2 points separated the sides. From that moment onwards, it was total and complete domination by the Vultures and they stormed home to record a massive 120 point win.

The first half saw the young Magpies up and about, being strong over the football, great in the contested situations and while overuse of the ball and some skill errors were happening, the commitment to defend and pressure the Vultures meant there was a fair share of turnovers and forward entries. In reality the Magpies should have been in front by the first break, but some missed shots and a lapse or two on concentration let the Vultures off the hook .

The second quarter was much the same, although there were signs of what was to come as our runners started to visit the bench more often than normal and our usual flexibility was effected by having only 3 players we could use on the bench. The effect of relying on our usual midfield workhorses Misso, Reynolds, Johnson and Gainford (who showed massive courage just to be out there) was starting to show against a side that has about 14 guys they run through the middle. After letting in the last 3 goals of the half in quick succession, the Magpies viewed half time as chance to re-set and re-inforce the positives, they first half was tight, and it was the last 3 minutes that Mt Gravatt had kicked away slightly.

What ensued for the next half a game was a lesson in preparation, support and being ruthless when you see the opponent is shaky. Mt Gravatt came out and just attacked very contest with huge intent, were brave with their ball use, backed their running ability and just blew the Magpies off the park with a performance that you have to respect and admire, no matter how much it hurt to be on the end of.

With our midfield and outside runners all feeling the pinch , and cramping up everywhere. The Vultures showed no mercy as they swept the ball forward with ease and making the most of each forward entry and kicking straight, which piled on the scoreboard pressure. Credit must go to Mark Adamson at fullback for keeping their full forward to 2 goals and having him moved to a wing. Dom Morrison did all he could and was excellent both in the air and at the stoppages across half back, and there were no harder workers than the mids mentioned above. The bench looked like a casualty ward at times and with Cam Smith, Jimmy Gainford and Damon Allen already ruled out for next week, the squad will need some reinforcements to field a side against Aspley in this coming Saturday's semi final.

It's not the end of the road for the Magpie Colts, with a good season giving them the double chance - and as many heard at the 60th Anniversary Function - many famous Magpie Premierships have come after big defeats in early finals only to return the favour later on in the big dance.

Goals : DeRooy 3 , Gore 1

Best : Johnson, Morrison, Misso, Adamson, Reynolds, DeRooy.