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Place Gracevile - Colts Review

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Place Gracevile - Colts Review

Andrew Thomson

On a Saturday morning in perfect conditions against an opponent that the Magpies had beaten by 90 points earlier this season, the young Pies managed to produce their poorest effort for this season.

There is no nice way to report for the Magpie faithful what was a game the squad needed to win to secure their spot in the top four.

Just when a win would have given them a game and percentage ahead of the chasing pack, they now face a scenario where any loss from here will mean they miss the top 4 and the crucial double chance.

More importantly than that was the style and quality of the football produced and the generally poor body language displayed by too many of the side. Too much was left to to few and that's always a danger sign.

Grange just gave an honest effort for longer than the Pies did, kept their heads up when the Pies  had brief moments on top, and out worked the visitors over the course of the game.

The Colts had their chances, but in the end if they had snatched the win, it would have been a hollow victory. The test will be how the squad and coaching group react to the last month's slide in the quality of football and the attitude and the poor body language being displayed by some of the playersthe lads.

Coach Justin Gore offered this " Footy is a very honest beast. You can talk all you want, and promise anything , but in the end, what you produce is all that counts. Credit to Grange, they worked together, and had more people prepared to actually play the for the team. Unfortunately we only had a few, and too many lads whoseem to be not prepared to play a specific role for the side. That's got to change for us to improve"

So it's now very clear what the young Magpies need to focus on.

For the keen supporters of the squad, let's hope they learn the lessons of this week, regain the zest and energy of early in the season, and adapt to the basics of the game plan that both the Senior sides are enjoying. If they do, success awaits. If not , matches like Saturday will be the result.
Score :
Magpies 9.16-70
Goals : Lawson, Allen, Reynolds , DeRooy 2 , Johnston-Bates 1

Best : Allen, Misso, Gainford, Vine , Roderick.