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CMFG Capital - Colts Review

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CMFG Capital - Colts Review

Andrew Thomson


The young Magpies were given a harsh reality check by a more determined and committed Maroochydore side on Sunday at Chelmer.

In conditions that were best described as “challenging” , the Colts players were shown up in the most basic of football requirements, effort!  Simply, one side came to play, and one side didn’t. Unfortunately, it was the Pies who had too many players  who weren’t prepared to get amongst it and just play wet weather football. It’s the first time this year that this squad has not given their all, and it comes off the back of an ordinary week on the track, where numbers at training, and general effort were below what we have had up until now.

After an even start, with good pressure all over the ground, the Pies put the first goal on the board, and had a few more chances to increase the lead, but by the 15 minute mark of the first quarter,  Maroochydore had equalised the score and then put another one on the board before the first break.

After a good talk from coach Justin Gore at quarter time,  asking his players to just play wet weather footy, keep it basic, but lift in their intensity around the contest and keep the ball moving forward, he was confident that his team could turn things around. What the Pies delivered was the complete opposite from the vast majority of the squad. An indication of how flat the players were was the fact that the 3 Under 17’s who were promoted following good form for Reid Dobson’s team were the players leading the way, along with the usual suspects Highlands, Misso, Reynolds, R. Johnson and a good effort from Tom Roderick and Kurt Vine in defence. What was lacking was an was an honest effort from too many others, and even though Allen, Gore & Lawson were trying hard, too much was being asked from too few. The result was a 4 goal to nil quarter and a half time lead 41 to 8.

After the break, and again reinforcing the need to get busy around the packs, accept the ground was waterlogged and just get the ball forward by any means possible, the Magpies did show a bit of steel and started to even up general play. Just a lack of talls up forward was causing issues, and too much was left to Chae Lawson and Luke Brown. They both battled hard, and Brown actually got the pies second goal from a nice mark in the conditions, but having 2 more shots touched on the line really hurt. 1 goal 2 to 2 goals 1 was the result. It could have been much different, but at least the team and shown some fight.

At the ¾ time huddle, it seemed possible that the Pies could still get something out of the match, maybe not victory, but at least win the second half. Sadly it was not to be as the Colts , who had left too much to too few all day, wilted when the players who had given their all, understandably started to flag. By this stage the ground had flooded completely, and any form of reasonable footy wasn’t possible. Even still Maroochydore, to their credit, kept at it and put a couple more goals on, answered on by only 2 points from the Pies.

The day was a lesson in accepting the conditions, adapting and having pride in every performance. It’s by no means all doom and gloom, but to ignore the fact that this Magpies side, for the first time, basically just didn’t show up is not going to be accepted. Coach Gore will work to get the team mindset back to front and centre, re group, set the behaviours and standards that will be accepted by the squad for the rest of the season. When that happens and the Colts squad makes the necessary adjustments to the  style of play to suit the playing roster, they can finish the regular season well and look forward to a competitive showing in the finals series.

A quick acknowledgement to Reid Dobson and the Under 17’s for selflessly offering up the 3 players, namely Sam DeNys, Luke Brown & Chris Kotis. All boys were a credit to the side, and the Colts would welcome them back anytime.


Magpies 2.6-18

Maroochydoore:  10.8-68

Goals : Allen, Brown

Best : Roderick. Misso. Vine. Lawson. Highlands. Reynolds.