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Andrew Thomson

QAFL Publicity officer Andrew Wiles has teamed with Wilston Grange coach Matt Trewhella to pick the QAFL Top 50 players this season (Trewhella dismissed himself from any Wilston Grange deliberations). Apparently there has been some controversy but any list will do that--what do you think? 

The full list with each individual write ups can be found on the AFLQ website. 

 Five Western Magpies players were selected (write ups included) -- 

1. Adam Clarke (Labrador)

2. Steve Brittain (Wilston Grange)

3. Josh Fraser (Labrador)

4. Nathan Kinsch (Morningside)

5. Lachlan Russ (Morningside)


Position: Midfield
Time in best: 10
Goals: 3


The comeback king. The 2015 Grogan Medalist was the Magpies most important player this year. His ability to put his head over the ball, pick the footy out, and then stand up in a tackle was pivotal to the Magpies success.

Ability to change a game

When a 50/50 ball was there to be won, Carseldine cashed in. He laid the foundation for the Magpies attack all year, and was still able to become dangerous on the spread. He set the Magpies up early when they got up and about early.


Had a slightly lean patch in the middle of the year, but you couldn’t ask for a better start of finish to the year than Carseldine had. Didn’t miss a beat in his return in 2015.

7. Darren Pfeiffer (UQ)

8. Eric Kuret (Wilston Grange)

9. Josh Woolley (PBC)

10. Josh Baxter (Labrador) 

11. Aden Rutledge (Sandgate)

12. Bradie Foster (Wilston Grange) 

13. Adam Baird (Labrador)

14. Todd Bryant (PBC)

15. Chris Ryan (Labrador)

16. Kent Abey (Morningside)


Position: Defence/Forward
Time in best: 8
Goals: 10 


The king of setting up behind the ball. Scott, the best swingman in the competition, reads the ball as good as anyone, and creates a lot by foot.

Ability to change a game

Scott played his best footy this year when he was able to float around half-back. His intercept marks have been critical at times this year, especially in the last quarter against Morningside in round 10. Changes the tempo of the game when the ball is in his hands.


Battled an ankle injury early in the year, but returned strongly, especially though the middle of the year where he was unstoppable.

18. Matt Trewhella (Wilston Grange)  

19. Alastair Nash (Morningside) 

20. Bill Hicks (Labrador)

21. Ryley Buntain (Morningside)

22. Declan Bevan (Wilston Grange) 

23. Jesse Derrick (PBC)

24. Taylor Haley (Broadbeach) 

25. Todd Carbone (Mt Gravatt)

26. Albert Proud (Wilston Grange)

27. Todd featherstone (Labrador)

28. Cassidy Haberfield (Surfers Paradise)


Position: Half -Back
Time in best: 11 
Goals: 8


The quarter back. Davis was sublime off half-back this year, setting up most of the Magpies attack by foot. Was able to lead a tight defensive ship, but he also put himself in dangerous positions when the trigger needed to be pulled.

Ability to change a game

The contested nature of the Magpies game plan this year meant that scoring was sometimes hard to come by. However, if the ball was in Doc’s hands on the rebound, you knew something was going to come of it. He was creative, opened the game up, and got his midfielders involved.


Probably didn’t have the finals campaign he would have liked, but the run that the Magpies went on after round 2 can be heavily attributed to his form

30. Jamie Hackett (Morningside)

31. Rhys Estall (Mt Gravatt)

32. Adam Spackman (Morningside)


Position: Midfield / Forward
Time in best: 9
Goals: 34


Pope is a very dangerous forward who is always hard to match up on, but can also float up the ground and win his own footy. Moves well, is able to use the space out the back of a contest, and doesn’t miss too often. Played a massive role in the increased scoring power of the Magpies as the year progressed.

Ability to change a game

When the Magpies needed one most, Pope managed to find a way to bob up and kick one against the flow. His strength on the lead, as well as his ability to pick it up from his bootlaces meant he was never out of the contest.


34 goals was a good return for the role he played, and the structure the Magpies played to this year. One of the first picked in the side every week.

34. Hugh Campbell (Wilston Grange)

35. Peter Mollison (Morningside) 

36. Ryan Davey (Labrador)

37. George Hannaford (UQ)

38. Nic Tomlinson (Morningside)

39. Ryan Pantic (Broadbeach)

40. Tom Daniel (Labrador)

41. Tom Overington (Sandgate)

42. Blake Bantoft (Labrador)


Position: Full Back

Time in best: 12
Goals: 1


The young defender who has done a tough apprenticeship at full back now demands respect from opposition teams. Hard to body up against, spoils well and supports his top class defensive teammates. One of the revelations of the year in 2015.

Ability to change a game

Played on some of the best forwards in the league every week. His improved performance coincided with his teams rise to second on the ladder. Will only get better with experience as he develops his running game, but never looked out of place on some of the monsters in the competition.


Playing in the negating role of full back doesn’t normally get you the accolades it deserves, but such was his influence he featured in the best 12 out of 20 times.

44. Ben Hancock (Broadbeach)

45. Ryan Dienjes (Broadbeach)

46. Ryan Agita (Surfers Paradise)

47. Frazer Neate (Mt Gravatt)

48. Tom Thorsen (Labrador)

49. Ben Beavan (Sandgate)

50. Matt Dillon (Broadbeach)